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David Tudor

David Tudor (1459-1535) was the illegitimate son of Owen Tudor, the second husband of the Dowager Queen Katherine of Valois. David Tudor changed his name, or rather adopted the more Welsh version of his name, and so became David Owen.

David Owen effigy, Sussex
David was therefore a close blood relative of the Tudor kings Henry VII, whom he fought for at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, and Henry VIII and due to this was able to marry well and hold positions at the royal court. He was a Knight of the Body under Henry VII and the King's carver during the years 1486-1529, he was also brought to give testimony during the divorce proceedings of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon. Away from court positions, David was the Constable of Winchester and Sheriff of Hampshire. David was also one of the chief mourners at the funeral of his nephew King Henry VII in 1509 due to his blood affinity to the monarch.
David Owen was the only member of the Tudor bloodline to only have Tudor blood, and not the royal Valois blood that his half-siblings had. However, despite this it appears that he was not sidelined and enjoyed a long and successful life and was an active member of the Tudor family, being close in particular to his nephew Henry VII.
David Owen's will was proved seven years after his death in 1542 and included that he willed "an obit be kept yearly, the morrow for the souls of King Henry the Seventh, Edmund sometime Earl of Richmond, Jasper Duke of Bedford, my father, my mother". He also requested to be buried alongside his first wife Mary Bohun. In his will he left 500 marks to his two daughters by his third wife Anne, 300 marks to his illegitimate daughter Barbara, and a silver cup to his daughter Anne (Hopton). His estates were left for the use of his wife Anne for the remainder of her life and then in succession to his son Owen, his son John, his son Jasper and his grandson David (son of Henry Owen).

David married three times;
1) Mary de Bohun (1475-1500) (married 1489)
    + Henry Owen (b.1490) m1. Joyce Croft
                                         m2. Dorothy West (1483-1542)
                                         + David Owen (d.1555)
                                         + Mary Owen (b.1516) m. John Warnet
                                         + Anne Owen (b.1518) m. James Gage
                                         + Elizabeth Owen (b.1530) m. Nicholas Dering
    + Jasper Owen m. Elizabeth
                            + Anne Owen
    + Roger Owen
    + Anne Owen m. Arthur Hopton (married 1514)
                          + Owen Hopton (1524-91) m. Anne Echingham
                          + Ralph Hopton
                          + Robert Hopton
                          + Thomas Hopton
                          + Charles Hopton
                          + John Hopton
                          + Margaret Hopton m1. Anthony Cockett m2. Arthur Robsart
                          + Frances Hopton m1. Mr Miller m2. Mr Jermy m3. Thomas Neville m4. William                                       Hovell
                          + Mary Hopton m1. Richard Gurney m2. William Butler
                          + Dorothy Hopton (b.1523) m1. Mr Berry m2. John Byryss

During the years 1513-15, Arthur Hopton and David Owen (Anne's father) were in the Chancery courts concerning the marriage settlement of Anne and Arthur.
It was Owen Hopton and his wife Anne who were the last guardians of the Hopton's cousin, through the Tudor blood, Lady Katherine Grey at their home in Suffolk and who were responsible for organising her funeral.

Owen Hopton

2) Anne Oxenbridge, nee Blount (b.1466) (married 1497)
3) Anne Devereux (b.1490)
    + Owen Owen
    + John Owen (1525-59) m. Elizabeth Catesby
                                          + Henry Owen m. Elizabeth Radcliffe
    + Elizabeth Owen m. Thomas Burgh
                                + Humphrey Burgh
                                + Arthur Burgh
                                + Margaret Burgh
    + Harry Owen (1520-35)
    + dau. Owen

David also had two illegitimate children; William and Barbara.


  1. Nice bio; and I confess if anyone had asked me who David Owen was I would have said ex-Labour, Gang of Four, politician!

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  3. Hi Danielle, I have Arthur Hopton and Lady Anne Owen as my direct ancestors (about x16 Grt Grt Grandparents.). So am I then related to Henry VII, VIII and Elizabeth I? Or indeed any other members of royalty? It is indeed exciting, whatever the outcome. :-) Thanks, David.

  4. Does anyone know what happen to William & Barbara Owen? Did they get married have any children?