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Perrot-Hatton-Jones illegitimacy web

Sir John Perrot (1528-92) was rumoured to be the illegitimate son of Henry VIII; apparently resembling him physically, however this suggestion was mostly enforced by Perrot's grandson-in-law.
Sir John Perrot
John Perrot went on to have several illegitimate children of his own; James (1571-1637), John and Elizabeth Perrot and another daughter who married David Morgan.
Sir John's son James had for a mother Sibyl Jones, who herself was an illegitimate daughter of Thomas Jones; who was in fact Sir John's stepfather having become the second husband of Sir John's mother Mary Berkeley.
Sir John's daughter Elizabeth was his daughter by Elizabeth Hatton, another illegitimate child, fathered by Sir Christopher Hatton (1540-91).
Sir Christopher Hatton
In 1583 Sir John was commissioned to sketch out a map of Galway Town in Ireland, and during this commission he is describes as a servant to Sir Christopher Hatton. Their professional relationship furthered during 1585 when they worked together in County Mayo; Perrot was the Lord Deputy in 1584 and made Hatton the Sheriff of County Mayo. At this time they appear to have a close relationship and this was probably when Perrot met Hatton's daughter Elizabeth, giving their child a birth date between 1583-88 as by 1591 Perrot was certainly back in England as he was arrested for treason.
The affair between John Perrot and Elizabeth Hatton was a source of tension between Sir John and her father Christopher Hatton; Hatton declared Perrot his enemy due to the fact that he had seduced his daughter.

There is a record from 1589 which states the gifts of horses to several men which included; the horse colts to go to Sir John Perrot and two mares to go to Hugh Butler of Johnson. It is probably this Hugh Butler that married Elizabeth Perrot.
Elizabeth Perrot married Hugh Butler of Johnston who was the Sheriff of Pembrokeshire around 1600, and together the couple had seven children;
+ Thomas Butler m. Lettice Butler (9 children)
+ Elinor Butler m1. James Philipps (2 children), m2. John Philipps (5 children)
+ Jane Butler m. Harry Morgan
+ Dorothy Butler m. John Jordan (3 children)
+ Cecily Butler
+ Frances Butler
+ Lettice Butler m. William Hanker

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