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Hales family lose Chart Manor

Humphrey Hales (d.1571) married Joan Atwater and was the father of James (died at sea in 1589), Humphrey, Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth, Abigail, Samuel, John, Robert and Susan. These ten children were named in Hunphrey's Will, as well as an eleventh child that his wife was pregnant with at the time of his death;

"Item, I will that my executrix shall pay to the child my wife now goeth withal two 
hundred pounds if it shall fortune to be a daughter, and shall live to accomplish the said 
age of 24 years"

Abigail married in 1572 to Anthony Sampson.
Mary married Sir Isaac Sidly.
Margaret married Mr Barnard.
Humphrey married Elizabeth.
James Hales married Alice Kempe (d.1592) and had a son; Cheyney Hales (d.1594). After James' death, Alice married Sir Richard Lee (d.1608).
Monument in Canterbury Cathedral to Alice, her two husbands and her son Cheyney;

The Hales Memorial
Hales family monument, Canterbury Cathedral

Detail of the Memorial
Detail of Alice, wife of James Hales

Richard Lee claimed the lease of Chart Manor, through his late wife's first husband James. The manor had belonged to James Hales and according to his Will, it was to be returned to his surviving Hales relatives, and therefore it should be taken from Richard Lee and be returned to the Hales family.

"Item, I will that the profits of my lease of Chart, being first redeemed from young Mr 
Boyes to whom I have pawned the same, shall both pay my brother, Humphrey Hales, 
twenty-six pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence by the year and my brother John Hales 
twenty pound by the year, and to my mother three pounds a year for Naylers farm sold by 
me, and also that upon ye yearly profits of the same so much of my father’s will as yet is 
not accomplished shall be fulfilled; 

Item, after those annuities expired which depend both upon their own lives and the life of 
my mother, then I will the same lease of Chart to my son Cheyney at his age of one and 
twenty years, and that the profits thereof until the same his age of one and twenty years 
shall be taken by my executrix to the uses before limited"

Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth and Abigail Hales sent a petition to Queen Elizabeth after the death of Alice in order to have the matter resolved.
A second petition on this matter was brought in 1592 by Joan Clarke - the widow of Humphrey Hales who had remarried - and was opposed by Thomas Kempe, the step-brother of the late Alice.
The case was referred to the Dean of Canterbury, as it was this town in which the Hales family and Richard Lee lived. It appears that Richard Lee won the case, however shortly after he chose not to renew his lease of the building as he could not afford the new higher rent.